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Episode 012 - Greg Todd Brings You Into The 21st Century


In Episode 12 of the 21st Century Physio Podcast, Greg Todd from Physical Therapy Builder Brings You Into The 21st Century.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why you can rely on someone else doing the marketing for you anymore
  • The 4 keys to building your practice and patient list (energy, trust, confidence, clarity)
  • Where the best place to learn great practice marketing is
  • What is the number one thing your patients want from you
  • How you can continue to work with your patients even when they're not in your practice

To find out more about Greg and Physical Therapy Builder, head to 

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Episode 011 - Jack O'Brien Brings You Into The 21st Century


In Episode 11 of the 21st Century Physio Podcast, Jack O'Brien from Clinic Mastery Brings You Into The 21st Century.

In this episode, we discuss:

- Why you need to become your patients most trusted advisor and how you can do that
- How to improve your patient experiences to create raving fans and thriving practices
- Why you need to use video to help promote your business
- The key things you need to know about your business to make better decisions
- What physiotherapy is going to look like in the future

To find out more about Jack and Clinic Mastery, head to

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Episode 010 - Glenn Ruscoe Brings You Into The 21st Century


In Episode 10 of the 21st Century Physio Podcast, Glenn Ruscoe from Brings You Into The 21st Century.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The top 3 skills you need to succeed in the 21st century as a therapist
  • The things your website MUST have and how to get more patients into your practice
  • How to find your niche and stand out from the crowd
  • How having a domain can help Physiotherapists build their own personal brand and move into the telehealth space
  • Why we chose a and for Movement Assessment Technologies.

To find out more about how to get your own .physio domain, head to

To find out more about Glenn, head to 

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Episode 009 - Yves SIlveira Brings You Into The 21st Century


In Episode 009, Steve is joined by Sydney Physiotherapist, Yves Silveira

Ives discusses:
- Why persistence pays off in the Physiotherapy profession and why resiliency is a key trait for 21st Century Physio's
- How to run an internship program with Physiotherapy students from around the world
- How to set up a Physiotherapy business from your own home
- The 2 year blues that Physiotherapists often suffer

To find out more about Ives, head to 

Join the 21st Century Physio conversation at 

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Episode 008 - Dave O'Sullivan Brings You Into The 21st Century


In Episode 008, Steve is joined by Physiotherapist Dave O'Sullivan from Prosport Academy and English Rugby.

Dave discusses:
- What skills new graduates need to develop after completing University
- The key things that you can learn from the elite sporting organisations
- His unique method towards rehabilitation to help you help more patients become more resilient
- Why you to stop trying to be the hero!

This podcast an absolute gem and will be the best 45 minutes you spend this week listening to it!

To find out more about Dave and the Prosport Academy, visit 

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Episode 007 - Sik Hon Brings You Into The 21st Century


In Episode 007, Steve is joined in Hong Kong by good friend, colleague and MAT host Sik Hon from Sportsline Asia

Sik Hon discusses:
- What Sportsline is doing to lead the way in Sports Physiotherapy in Asia and what you can learn from it
- How to attract sports teams to your business and improve relationships with them
- Why you need to be collecting data in your practice
- How to transform from Physiotherapist to business owner

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Episode 006 - Luke Fuller Brings You Into The 21st Century


In Episode 006, Steve is joined by old friend and colleague, and also dual-qualified ATP Physio and Osteo, Luke Fuller.

Luke discusses:
- How you can get a job in an elite sports environment
- How to run a clinic while travelling the world
- the differences between physio and osteo

Combining the unique combination of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy, Luke is a specialist in treating musculoskeletal dysfunction and sports injuries. He holds 2 Masters degrees (Osteopathy and Physiotherapy) and a Science degree majoring in Human Anatomy and Physiology. He is also a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA) who has additional training in Clinical Pilates.

Luke has previously worked with the following organizations:

  • The Cleveland Clinic
  • Ladies European Professional Golf Tour
  • Individual athletes on the WTA Womens Professional Tennis Tour
    Tennis Australia
  • Australian Rules Footballers as Team Physiotherapist for the Tasmanian Devils in the Victorian Football League
  • Pan Am Games as Lead...
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Episode 005 - Hootan from Cliniq Apps Brings You Into The 21st Century


In Episode 005, Steve is joined by Hootan Mohseni from Cliniq Apps.

Hootan discusses:

  • How you can use Cliniq Apps to transform how you communicate with your patients
  • The key KPI's for your Physio practice
  • How to increase adherence to your management plans

Hootan is the co-founder and CEO of Cliniq Apps. He's built customised, feature rich apps for Medical Clinic’s to aid in patient experience, care and recovery.

He has developed technology enabling medical practitioners to continue care beyond the walls of their clinic. We envision a world where our technology drives positive patient outcomes and efficiency across the health system.

Find out more about Hootan and Cliniq Apps at: 


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Episode 004 - Michael Rizk Brings You Into The 21st Century


In Episode 004, Steve is joined by Michael Rizk from iMove.

Michael discusses:

  • How you can build an awesome team and strategies to improve team culture, including how you can take your team overseas for a retreat
  • How to go from one clinic to three clinics in just three years
  • How to run three practices without reception staff

Michael is a proud owner of iMove Physio, practising from both iMove Rozelle and iMove Panania. He has worked in a mixture of private practice and sporting teams for the last five years.

He has been Principal Physiotherapist for NSW Super League Football team, Macarthur Rams and Head Physiotherapist for the Country Cricket NSW team. A keen cricketer himself Michael has played cricket at the 1st Grade Level for Georges River DCC. Michael has undergone 2 knee reconstructions and a plethora of injuries, which has helped him understand what it is like to be the patient.

Find out more about Mick and iMove at: 


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Episode 003 - The Ultimate Physio Brings You Into The 21st Century


In Episode 003, Steve is joined by the Ultimate.Physio, Nick Schuster.

Nick discusses:

  • Key business metrics that you can implement into your practice tomorrow
  • How to turn your team in the ultimate Physios
  • Great team bonding tips to build a successful team

Nick is a clinic owner just like you, and nearly suffered inevitable burnout some years back. On his busiest week he saw 134 patients himself! 

He now runs a practice where he sees patients for 15-20 hours per week, and spend the rest of his week working on the business and mentoring his awesome team. His clinic is busier and more profitable than ever before, and he loves the environment he has created and the full trust he has in my team. Coming to work every day is a pleasure for Nick.

Website: Ultimate.Physio 
Facebook Clinic Owners: 
Facebook Private Practice Physios: ...

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